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White Truffle Season
One of the most exclusive delicacies in the world
About the event

The white truffle, from Alba, Italy, also known as the alba truffle or tuber magnatum, occupies a prestigious place in the Olympus of ingredients due to its exclusivity. Its growth is only favorable under very specific conditions, its shelf life is short and the amount that the land gives each year is very scarce.

To these reasons we can add, of course, the main one, which is gastronomic: intense in aroma and taste, the white truffle transforms any meal into an unforgettable moment.

To celebrate this heavenly delicacy, Rocco will have a service to suit each customer. In addition to the suggestions where this ingredient is an infallible combination – Mushroom Risotto, Burrata PDO, Ossobuco and Lobster Linguine –, the truffle aficionados can add it to any dish.

Dec 20, 2021
Jan 7, 2022
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