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Cinco Jotas Day
We are waiting for you in our Gastrobar
About the Event

Cinco Jotashas been a reference brand since 1879, in the production of Iberian ham frompigs fed 100% on acorns. These factors make the final product of excellentquality, tasty and less harmful to our health.

There areseveral ways to enjoy this product, but there's nothing like tasting it byyourself and with your hand, to capture all its essence and flavor.

In additionto being a ham present in our charcuterie menu, now, on the 5th of each month,we will have a slicer certified by Cinco Jotas in our Gastrobar, to enhance thebest that this product has to offer us.

Come join us!

May 5, 2022
May 5, 2022
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