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Back to the Harvest
2007 is the year highlighted in this 3rd edition
About the event

Make your reservation for our Ristorante or Crudo Bar on the 18th of August (subject to availability). This experience can also be enjoyed at the Gastrobar, without reservations.

Back to the Harvest is the motto for discovering some of the most special wines in Rocco's cellar.

In each edition, our sommeliers will take you on a journey through time, to a year worthy to be highlighted in terms of wine production.

It will be possible to live this experience only once a month, throughout the day (limited to existing availability) and in the various spaces that are part of Rocco. You can select your favorite or taste all the wines from an edition, to make your experience even more memorable.

Távora-Varosa, Murganheira Vintage 2007 Sparkling Wine

The highlight of this edition is this sparkling wine, prepared exclusively for the event, in a 1.5L version. Murganheira Cellars are an excellent producer of sparkling wines in Portugal. In this region of the Varosa river valley, the cold climate, poor soils and people passionate about their land are the perfect recipe for excellent quality wines year after year. This 2007 Vintage is a wine made with the most delicate presses of the best Pinot Noir grapes, in an exceptional year.

Bairrada, Vadio 2007

In the hands of renowned winemaker Luis Patrão, Vadio wines have gained a prominent place in the great wines of Bairrada. Originating in several Baga vineyards installed exclusively on clay-limestone soils, Vadio expresses the Atlantic character of this region and the typical texture of the Baga variety in calcareous soils. We will have the opportunity to taste this wine at the height of its life, enjoying all its elegance and distinct aromatic bouquet.

Spain - Rioja, Roda Reserva 2007

A region of excellence, recognized worldwide for the quality of its wines. Roda is the product of the fermentation of small bunches, in 30-year-old vines planted “the old way”, without wires or modern management. In a difficult agricultural year, where production was reduced due to heavy rains in spring and extreme lack of water in summer, this wine is proof of the resilience of plants and people.

Porto, Quinta do Noval Harvest 2007

Quinta do Noval Colheita 2007 is a rare Port wine, produced in small quantities, by one of the most iconic estates in the Douro. The 2007 harvest took place under magnificent sunshine and the grapes were in perfect condition. Fermentations were longer than usual and the first tastings revealed wines marked by elegance, finesse and remarkable balance. Recently bottled, you will be able to feel all the complexity of a port wine of a year of excellence.

Aug 18, 2022
Aug 18, 2022
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